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If You Are Injured In A Truck Accident, We Will Advocate For You

It’s usually no contest when a car collides with an 18-wheeler. Your vehicle may get crushed by a semi, leaving you facing a long medical recovery due to serious or catastrophic injuries.

The Law Offices of West & Smith, L.L.P., in Southern Pines wants to help you. Our two attorneys have decades of combined experience, having both practiced law since 1975. We are diligent and tenacious in advocating for our clients. As skilled negotiators and experienced litigators, we will conduct a thorough investigation that ensures all negligent parties are held accountable.

A Variety Of Parties May Be Negligent

There may be more than one negligent party whose actions caused your accident and serious injury. Our skilled attorneys will go after every one of them until we settle your claim. The list of negligent parties may include:

  • The truck driver: The driver may have been fatigued or exhausted due to long working hours trying to fulfill an employer’s unrealistic deadlines. Also, the driver may have been speeding, reckless, distracted, or was using drugs or alcohol.
  • The trucking company: As an employer, the company should look out for its workers, train them properly and focus on safety. However, sometimes these companies may hire inexperienced drivers whom they fail to train properly.
  • The mechanic as well as maintenance company: Servicing the truck is crucial, but sometimes repairs are neglected, ignored, forgotten or shortcuts are made.
  • The shipment company: Loading the trucks must be done properly and safely. Otherwise, you have an unbalanced load that can lead to truck tipping over at turns.

Our attorneys are tenacious and will get answers related to your accident. We will do our best to secure the compensation that you and your family deserve.

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You can sustain a serious and catastrophic injury if in a trucking accident. Your life can change forever.

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