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Skilled Legal Representation Through Probate Litigation

Family disputes may arise regarding the distribution of assets and other procedures after the passing of a person who made a will. At Law Offices of West & Smith, L.L.P., we have over 80 years of combined legal experience guiding North Carolina individuals through contentious family issues leading to probate litigation.

Throughout our years of experience, we understand the common causes that could lead to disputes regarding wills and estates and are ready to represent your best interests. Whether you are a beneficiary, an interested party or the executor, we strive to protect your rights and help you fulfill your obligations.

Highly Personalized Services To Protect Your Interests Through Every Step

Probate refers to the court-supervised distribution of assets and property according to a decedent’s will. However, the process may be complex, and the relevant parties may disagree on the most fundamental aspects. For example, suspicions may arise that lead people to question the validity of an estate plan due to potential undue influence.

Our experienced attorneys can assist you to:

  • Understand and guide you through your duties as an executor and advocate for you before accusations or questioning from interested parties
  • Investigate any potential undue influence throughout the drafting of the deceased’s estate plan
  • Protect your rights as a beneficiary and counsel you through the entire process

When you put your case in the hands of our lawyers, you can rest assured that we will make every reasonable effort to secure a result that is beneficial for you and your loved ones. We stand ready to negotiate or go to trial if required.

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