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If you are looking for experienced and skilled legal representation, West & Smith LLP is here for you. Both of our attorneys, Stanley W. West and S. Kent Smith, have been practicing law since 1975. From our office in Southern Pines, North Carolina, we assist clients throughout Moore County and surrounding areas, including Hoke and Harnett counties. We can represent you on a wide variety of civil law matters, including:

A Reputation For Aggressive Personal Injury Reputation

Accidents happen, but nobody deserves to suffer a serious personal injury because another party acted negligently. Depending on the extent of your injuries, you may be unable to earn a living, or even take care of yourself and your family — all because someone else failed to take your health and safety seriously enough.

Whether you have been injured in a car accident or hurt on the job, you may need our help to get the compensation you deserve. Insurance companies often contest legitimate claims, but our firm's reputation for aggressive, skilled representation is well-known in North Carolina. We will fight to get our clients their rightful compensation.


You may be dealing with being unfairly excluded from a Will, or you may be the rightful beneficiary under a Will that is being challenged by someone else. In either case, we can help you evaluate a Will contest, or "caveat" case, which can be highly complicated.

Many other situations occur, often where a friend or family member takes unfair advantage of an elderly person, using undue influence to obtain transfers of assets. Often a Power of Attorney is misused to improperly transfer assets. In any of these situations, involving undue influence or breach of fiduciary duty, you need an attorney with experience in handling these type of cases.

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