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Have you lost the ability to enjoy your life after a car accident?

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

If you get involved in a car accident that someone else caused, there may be a lot of costs that you can easily quantify after the wreck.

For instance, maybe you suffered a serious spinal cord injury. You have all the medical bills. You know exactly how much it cost you to go through that. Or maybe you missed time at work, in these last few years before your retirement. It cost you a lot in wages, and you can calculate exactly how much you failed to earn and how it impacted your retirement plans.

But there’s another area to consider, which is the loss of the ability to enjoy your life the same way that you did before. Compensation for this is often referred to as Hedonic damages.

Everything changes moving forward

These can be a bit harder to pin down, when you’re trying to decide exactly what they’re worth, but it’s clear to you that the car accident is forever altered your life and that some sort of compensation is needed.

For example, maybe you actually just retired and moved into a community where you live on a golf course. You love golfing with your new friends in the community or going out for an afternoon with your spouse. But now that you’ve had this spinal cord injury, you can’t even do a moderate golf swing without severe pain. You’re never going to be able to play again, and these golden years of your life have been severely impacted.

Or maybe you have grandchildren that you were hoping to be able to play with. You know you’re not as young as you once were, but you could still take them fishing or go for hikes around the community. Now you feel like you’re confined to a chair in your living room, endlessly watching television, and it’s just not what you envisioned for this part of your life. You feel like all that time with your grandchildren was stolen from you.

Learning how you can seek compensation

You certainly don’t want to ignore these types of damages, and it is important to consider all of the ways that you may be able to seek compensation.