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Could a car crash derail your retirement plans?

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

You have probably spent most of your working life saving for your retirement. It can take a lot of money to support a comfortable lifestyle when you don’t have any income, especially if you want to join a country club or travel.

Whether you have just started your retirement or currently work part-time to continue adding to your savings, a car crash could completely change your plans. If you suffer a severe injury in a wreck caused by another driver, those injuries could affect your quality of life, your finances and your plans.

Spinal cord injuries, broken bones and head injuries are among the more debilitating kinds of injuries that could have a notable impact on your retirement experience.

You may have to say goodbye to golf and other enjoyable experiences

If you suffer an incomplete spinal cord injury and need to have a metal rod inserted into your spine, you will likely no longer be able to swing your golf clubs fully. If you have a head injury that affects your equilibrium, motor function or grip strength, that could also prevent you from golfing and other enjoyable pastime pursuits.

Even the lingering consequences of broken bones, like residual pain, decreased range of motion and reduced strength, can affect what activities you enjoy during your retirement. Pain and mobility issues might also keep you from traveling in your golden years.

The cost of care for your injuries could deplete retirement savings

Trying to cover the cost of physical therapy, surgery and other care out-of-pocket could become ridiculously expensive. Even if you have Medicare, it may not cover the services you need, like in-home nursing support.

Private insurance may refuse to cover any care related to a car crash if the other driver is responsible, while Medicaid might take a lien against your home or demand that you deplete all of your property before they cover you.

Holding the other driver responsible can help you seek justice when a car crash leaves you with injuries that will affect you for the rest of your life.