Workers' Compensation


Stanley W. West has had more than four decades of experience in representation of injured workers before the North Carolina Industrial Commission, including successful of handling of appeals in several landmark cases to the North Carolina Court of Appeals.

Your employer or insurance company may be denying you medical treatment by a specialist you need, or may be trying to force you to return to work before you are fully recovered, or may be denying your claim entirely. In these types of situations, you need an attorney experienced in fighting on you behalf on these issues.


At West & Smith, LLP, we understand the stresses and uncertainties you face after a workplace accident or illness. We have the experience and understanding of the complex workers' compensation laws in North Carolina to enable us to aggressively pursue your rights, and allow you and your family to rebuild your life.

As an injured worker, you may be entitled to payment of all medical treatment available to improve your condition. If you have lost work because of your injury, you will be entitled to disability benefits, either temporary or permanent. If you have had surgery or an injury leaving you with some permanent impairment, you may be entitled to an additional compensation amount for such permanent injury for conditions such as:

  • Back injuries including herniated disks and fusion surgeries
  • Shoulder surgeries
  • Knee, ankle, or other joint surgeries
  • Traumatic brain injury resulting in cognitive impairment
  • Burns or other injuries resulting in permanent scaring

Don't rely on your employer or its insurance company to tell you what you are entitled to. If you have a serious injury, call us for a free consultation to help you understand your rights.